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Asus occupied a decent place this year, due to the innovations it brought to the table. The ScreenPad and ErgoLift hinge are two of the best features that bought popularity to this laptop. The design of Asus laptop continues to impress us and also the company offers a good range of products. This laptop company surprised everybody with its ZenBook Pro 15 which is the first laptop with a ScreenPad. In this post we will discuss about the features and specifications of the Asus laptop. I will also help you to get the answer for the question “Is Asus a good laptop brand”?

All about ASUS

AsusTek Computer Inc. is a Taiwanese multinational corporation which was founded in the year 1989. It is popularly known as ASUS. This company is both a manufacturer and a marketer of phones, computer& peripherals and hardware & electronics.

Asus is the fourth largest PC vendor in the world on the basis of sales. Not to mention, this company has a strong team of more than 7000 professionals from different fields.

It is involved in operating for wide range of products. That's why, its segmentation of market includes a mix of demographic, geographic and psychographic segmentation strategy.

Different types of targeting are used by this company in order to make a particular offering relevant for a certain category of customer.

Asus designs customer oriented offerings and make them user-friendly which is the net result of it using pricing and benefit as positioning strategy.

This big brand is on a mission to provide innovative IT solutions to people and businesses.  So that, they can use their full potential. It strives to be an integrated 3C solution provider that gives innovations to simplify the lives of the customers. It is a leading brand in many markets such as Asia, Europe and America. Due to its incredible manufacturing and distribution facilities, this brand has been widely recognized by its consumers.

Asus laptops move across many countries through its chain of dealers and stores. From shopping malls to the electronic stores and physical retail outlets to E-commerce website. Their products can be found everywhere. This influences the purchase decision of the customer to a great extent.

There are certain segment of customers that are pleased with the touch and feel of such products and these customers prefer buying it in a store. Asus is a popular brand all over the world which is evident with its presence in more than 40 countries and 16000 employees. Asus is known for its strong network of dealers and distributors.

Reddington is its major partner for distribution in many countries. The laptop range of Asus starts from USD 232 for basic features and economic range ones while the premium range with excellent processors and storage can go above USD 1325.

The expanding market has given an opportunity to Asus to open up more than 55 services in about 34 countries. In order to increase its visibility in the market, Asus partners with over 400 companies all over the world. With its exceptional operation, Asus has been able to produce a good range of high-quality laptops that meets the needs of the customers.

A well-known brand like Asus faces a tough competition in the market from some of the top competitors such as Lenovo, Apple, Dell, Samsung, HP, Compaq, Acer, IBM, Sony, Toshiba and Microsoft. Asus relates very well with its slogan” In search of incredible” and shows us the commitment of this company in making suitable products for its clients.

Asus is mainly a computer, consumer electronics solutions and communications company. It is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan and has its operation in 32 countries. This company has revenue of about $16000 million.

It is Taiwan’s top performing international brand in 2019, and received a record high 4326 local and global awards in the year 2014.

Asus has also been featured by Fortune magazine as the world’s most admired brand in 2014. With its strong brand image Asus has been able to provide stable business growth. In addition, ASUS is one of the top five players in the PC market. It has a market share of 7.6 percent in the PC market and also has a significant share in the motherboard category too.

Also, it has a strong in-house manufacturing where it can manufacture components. With an integrated supply chain operation, Asus can reach faster to the market. It has a deep product portfolio which gives Asus a major advantage over its competitors. The combinations of products in Asus are laptops, desktops, 2-in-1’s, portable monitors, sound cards and many other technology related products.

Furthermore, due to its massive production capacity and usage of economies of scale, Asus has a huge competitive advantage over its counterparts in the market. The best part is that with this advantage Asus will increase in distribution and size capabilities due to the increase of electronic consumption all over the world. Asus is an environment conscious brand which is considered to be a rare feature in computer and Electronics Company.

The company launched the initiative GREEN ASUS in 2000 which resulted in the implementation of eco-friendly measures. They also took part in “recycling for a better future’ campaign where old computers were recycled and refurbished.

Ultimately these refurbished computers were donated as new machines to 122 schools. Asus is an R& D focused company and has a continuous update on the latest technology and it is involved in creating better products at lower cost.

Is Asus a Good Laptop Brand for You?

Here we will focus on the tasks themselves and why Asus could be your choice and why Asus is a good laptop brand for you:

All-purpose laptops

Asus laptops are one of the best laptops in the market known for their incredible features and benefits. Acer is also a well known brand in laptops and it has introduced many machines. However, as far as performance is concerned people always tend to believe on Asus than Acer or Lenovo. Even when compared to HP laptops, Asus is the preferred choice of users due to its affordable laptops. Usually HP laptops are expensive and high-end. The truth is that Asus leads in many cases as compared to HP, Acer or Lenovo. Asus laptops are undoubtedly one of the best laptops in the market as they can meet all business needs.

The laptops from Asus are powerful, cheap and durable. These laptops are available for construction, designing, engineering and heavy users. They are built for perfect work and with these laptops you can chat, work and share all day. Asus offers ROG laptops, Chrome book and business laptops and are the top choice of businessman. Asus is one of the most popular brands and comes with innovative features. It has features like Screen Pad and ErgoLift which are the best.

Best for Gaming

Their design is also great, sleek and luxurious which makes them the ideal choice of entrepreneurs. If you are a gaming person then Asus is the laptop to choose as it can satisfy all your gaming needs. These gaming laptops from Asus are fitted with powerful components to rock full HD gaming. The vibrant screen and colours of these laptops brings out the best in gaming experience and the cooling systems are innovative.

The commitment of Asus to excellent quality products is the prime reason why it is preferred by many of its consumers. They manufacture notebooks, netbooks and laptops. There are many reasons to go for Asus laptops. The reliability of Asus laptops is really great, their prices are inexpensive and their support is exceptional. It is worth mentioning here that the innovations brought by Asus are truly admirable. Not to mention, the new designs from this brand keeps on inspiring us.

Minimalistic looks

The brand, Asus offers some great laptops in a wide range. If you are looking for quality then Asus laptops are like a beast. If you are looking for excellent technology at low cost then Asus is the best laptop to buy. These laptops are very silent and capable of carrying out all your work better than any other laptop brands in the market. These laptops know to handle the issues related to overheating problem, due to which overheating is not a problem. Stylish and sleek designs are all you see when you get a glimpse of Asus laptops. Asus laptops are known for their minimalistic looks and are lightweight, slim and stylish.

Affordable price

The prices of Asus laptops start low and then heads right –up to high-end device and same goes for the price. Asus has a great collection of laptops and there is one laptop for everyone according to their needs. If you compare Asus laptops to other brands with the same features, you will see a huge difference in prices. Undoubtedly, with Asus you always get what you pay for. In addition, with every model of Asus laptop you get the extended warranty for the battery. The best part of these warranties is that they are flexible and cover the defects that are caused by accidents, manufacturer defects and natural disasters.

Asus Laptop Series and Their Strengths

If you are looking for a laptop with a perfect combination of performance and good looks, the Asus laptop should be your priority.  This brand is known to manufacture some of the best-performing laptops. The laptops from Asus come in a wide range of options that are equipped with high-capacity RAM, powerful processors, and great audio output and come in sleek designs.

Asus laptops help you enjoy HD movies, play games, create documents and much more. With its wide range of models, Asus is there to meet all your needs. From working professionals to movie buffs and designers everyone can get a laptop from Asus that suits their budget.  Here we will talk about the top laptop series of Asus and their strengths, just to let you know the answer your question (is Asus a good laptop brand) yourself.

Asus Zenbook

The Zenbook series from Asus is truly the laptop series of tomorrow. With Asus Zenbook you can take your creativity and productivity to the next level.  This laptop is exclusively designed to give you an edge in workflow efficiency. The edges of this laptop are finished with wide diamond-cut edges that reflect your surroundings to add an authentic touch. This laptop is equipped with a series of handy built-in apps which boosts your productivity.

The quick-key gives access to one-tap automation of complex sequences of keyboard. With quick controls such as ViewMax, Task Swap and App Switcher the interaction between main display and Screen Pad Plus is made possible.  The task group in this laptop lets you lock into work mode by opening numerous tasks at one go. This laptop comes with perfect ergonomics and provides a stable platform for writing or drawing. In addition, you get unrivalled portable power with this laptop as you can take professional quality tasks under your control such as multi-layer video editing, game live-streaming and 3-D graphics rendering.

Asus VivoBook

Whether at work or play, Asus VivoBook laptops are the best compact laptop that involves you completely in whatever you do. These laptops come with four-sided NanoEdge display which features ultra slim bezel and delivers 88% screen to body ratio to give high-quality visuals. The newly introduced ErgoLift design tilts the keyboard for more comfortable position for typing.

These laptops are powered with the latest Intel Core i7 processor and dual storage devices to help you get things done without any fuss. These laptops are available in compact sizes and keep the dimensions down to a minimum. It occupies less space on your desk and gives you more room. Furthermore, this laptop is not only compact-sized but it is also lightweight which makes it easy for you to carry while travelling.

Asus ROG

Asus ROGROG or Republic of games was made by a team of Asus designers and engineers in 2006. With ROG laptops you are guaranteed to get the world’s best gaming experience. Ever since its discovery ROG laptop has created new standards by creating hardcore gaming gear that empowers gamers from all over the world. This laptop is known to put advanced over clocking settings in BIOS. With great tweaking and cooling options the experts as well as beginners were able to maximize the performance. The motherboards of ROG are known for the flexibility and tasteful RGB accents.

In 2009 ROG laptops from Asus shocked everyone by planting two graphics two GPUs on a single graphics card. This led to the setting of a new standard for graphics power in a single card. With ROG you get smoother game play due to ultra-wide monitors and high refresh rates. This laptop is highly portable due to its innovative detachable design.

You also find a rising secondary screen which simply elevates your gaming due to better viewing. This laptop is a powerhouse due to its extra cooling vents and increased CPU clocks which can be accessed with a click of a single button. Asus ROG is one of the best budgeted gaming laptop series. These laptops are well optimized for gaming on ultra high or medium settings. If you have a budget limit of about $1050 then ROG is something you should consider. This laptop is simply amazing for gaming due to its design.

Asus Chromebook

Asus in an important partner for Google and they have created fantastic laptops. The Asus Chromebook C 223 is one of the bests Asus Chrome books in the market. This laptop features a simple design which makes it look more professional. Asus laptops are known for their great construction and magnesium alloy body. This laptop is highly durable, its screen can be turned all the way back to get a tablet mode and if you want to get creative you can opt for the stand and tent mode. The inside of this Asus Chrome book is as impressive as some of the most expensive Chrome books.

Asus Pro

The Asus Pro is the perfect laptop for today’s fast-paced business life and it can keep up whenever and wherever you are working. The ASUSPRO P5340 is one of the best laptop in this series and it is ultra light and compact. It offers unmatched mobility and has high-performance dual storage options to enhance your productivity.

Beside than, it is equipped with I/O ports, including HDMI and USB-C port by which you can connect with all your peripherals in the office or on the road. With its superb 10 hours long battery life, this laptop is ready for business anytime and anywhere. You can maximize your productivity with LAN and VGA USB adapters which are available as an option.

Also, if you want full desktop-grade connectivity you can add the optional SimPro Dock. The Ultra portable design, 180 degree hinge, long battery life and dual storage of AsusPro laptop give maximum productivity for every professional. You can empower your business with this laptop range from Asus.

Asus Laptop Components

Asus laptops are known for their components which are worth spending your money. These components from Asus are extremely affordable and you can easily do multi-tasking. Students, professionals and personal users can totally rely on Asus laptops. The majority of Asus laptops are armed with quad-core processors.

Steam room cooling system

Asus laptops have a great feature for cooling known as the steam room cooling system.  This technology creates an effective and efficient cooling system that helps to decrease the temperature.  The steam room cooling system enables high-end GPUs to be effectively cooled to safe temperatures resulting in enhanced product life.

NanoEdge technology

The NanoEdge display on Asus laptops is a true masterpiece. It features some of the slimmest bezels, measuring up to 2.5 mm at the sides to give you an edge-to-edge viewing experience. Rather than showing an unflattering webcam the Asus laptops come with to-mounted webcam to give you a better view for video chat.

Solid-State Hard Drives

All Asus laptop are now equipped with high-performance SSDS. The SSDs in these laptops does not have any moving part which means they are soundless. This allows you to concentrate on your work without any distraction and intrusion.  Furthermore, Asus laptop equipped with a SSD starts in seconds, up to 30% faster than a conventional laptop. Besides, the SSD makes the performance up to 5X faster compared to traditional hard drives. These SSDs use high-speed memory and instant access to store data which results in enhanced performance of the laptop.


The Screen Pad feature is the revolutionary way to interact with your laptop and a huge leap in the evolution of the touchpad. This feature combines the functions of a standard touchpad with a high-resolution touch screen resulting in an interactive display with huge possibilities.

Robust Batteries

Asus laptops come with 8 cell battery to give stable back-up for longer duration of tasks. These batteries are Li-ion batteries that have various benefits like large power capacity, light weight, high cycle life, fast charging, high energy density and no memory effect. These batteries have been extensively used in consumer products such as laptops and tablets.

LED display

Besides, Asus laptops feature LED display which lets you enjoy anti- glare screen resolution. The LED display monitors offered by Asus are less expensive. Moreover, they offer a broader dimming range and are comparatively more reliable than conventional monitors. One of the best features of these Asus LED display monitor is that they run at a lower temperature and consume much less power.

Intel Skylake processors

Asus laptops are equipped with Intel Skylake processors which not only work well with simple computing but are equally compatible for intense gaming. The Asus Z170 – Deluxe is one of the best laptops to house the Intel Skylake processor.

Final words

Asus laptops provide great value for your money. These laptops are known for their snappy performance. They come in stylish, slim designs with multiple colour options. With long battery life, strong port selection and many useful extras such as microSD slot and fingerprint reader Asus laptops are the ultimate choice of users.

The laptops from Asus are not only an excellent value for price but they are excellent laptops all around. So, now you have the answer of your question “is Asus a good laptop brand”, and can take your buying decision with a particular relevance.

If you have any view regarding Asus or maybe an experience to share, just drop your valuable inputs in the comment box 🙂


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