5 Best Ways to Charge a Chromebook Without a Charger

There are many scenarios in which you may need another way to charge your Chromebook. If you have forgotten, misplaced or damaged your power chord or if the charging port is damaged there are still ways to get the power. Here we will talk about the five various ways to answer your question how to charge a chromebook without a charger.

Know the Situation of Your Battery

Click the time icon on the bottom right of the screen of your Chromebook. Just next to the date you will get to see the read out of the current battery power. This would give you a fair idea about how much battery life and how much time you have before your Chromebook will die. In such a situation you should try to replace your charging cable without losing any time.

Unfortunately, all the ways to charge your Chromebook without its original charger are not ideal. That’s why you should to get a replacement as quickly as possible when you are looking for a permanent replacement. Use these ways only in temporary and emergency cases.

A reputed website like Amazon will usually have a suitable replacement. In order to get a replacement, you should search for chargers for your chromebook by model number and manufacturer.

Best Ways to Charge a Chromebook Without a Charger (Original Adaptor)

Charge your chromebook with USB Type-C cable

If you have a chromebook with a USB Type-C cable then then you can charge your chromebook using that as well. This may be a bit tricky option bu,t it worth trying. If you want to use the chromebook while it charges you need to have a charger that is compatible with USB power delivery.

However, if you are opting for USB Type-C you will find that option in settings. A Type-C USB cable is a very convenient charging cable that is efficient to provide both power and data on a single wire. USB – C comes with faster-charging features that is capable of powring up large devices like laptops. It is one of the most convenient ways to charge a chromebook without a charger.

If your chromebook has a built-in USB port then you can charge it via a USB-C cable, you just need to ensure that te cable has a plug adaptor. However, you will find laptops in the market that use a USB-C cable as the primary charger.
These are ideal for Chromebooks because they have twice as fast tranfer speed which is great for transmitting files and charging.

Charge your chromebook with your car charger

How to charge a chromebook without a charger - car charger

This is another popular method if you are looking to charge a chromebook without a charger. There are some chromebooks that ship both a DC power cord and an AC power cord for the car. If your Chromebook is shipped with a car charger you can use that to charge your chromebook. The only drawback here is that this requires you to be in your car to use which is not an ideal situation.

However, this way of charging will keep your Chrombook up and running while you can wait for the arrival of your replacement cable.

A car has an electricity and whether you are renting a car or you are on a road trip in your own vehicle you can benefit from the power it produces. The best thing is that it is simply straightforward to use it in order to charge your chromebook.

It is very easy as one, two and three. You just need to turn on your engine, plug the car charger into your car’s charging ports and plug the USB-connector into your chromebook. You should not leave your chromebook unsupervised in a car as that could make it more vulnerable to damage from overheating.

Use a universal charger

You can charge your chromebook using without a charger by using a universal adopter. These chargers are devices that allow to draw power from various kinds of voltages. The only danger with using the universal charger is that it exposes the battery at risk. You should ensure that the universal charger you choose is compatible with your laptop to avoid any type of malfunctions your device might form in this process.

Use portable chromebook charger

The fact is that the most reliable portable chargers for your chromebook are the power banks. These chargers are high-tech storage devices designed for phones, laptops, tablets and any other device which is compatible. Keeping in mind the voltage specifications required by your device you can choose the method which is suited for your chromebook. The portable charger you will have, could be from a particular model or a specific brand that suits your chromebook.

It is most likely that your power bank will have enough charge to handle your laptop battery only one or two times if you are charging a laptop with high-power. It is important that you should plug it into an outlet in order to replenish its charge. Otherwise when your power bank is short of charge you will not be able to use it to recharge your chromebook.

Low power Charging options

There are other chargers like phone chargers and some portable battery packs that will charge your Chromebook but very slowly. Moreover, if you were to use your Chromebook while it was connected it would still result in the draining of the battery.

The good news for you is that in a pinch you can also use your phone to charge your Chromebook. If you own a phone that has two-way power delivery (reverse charging) and also if your Chromebook has type- C USB port, then your phone can give power to your Chromebook.

However, in order to get the desired results for charging your Chromebook, you need to apply some restrictions. Your USB Type-C port should be capable to accept power.

In addition, your phone’s battery is much smaller than your Chromebooks, so your phone will run out of battery much faster as compared to your Chromebook. This is not an ideal solution but it might give you some precious minutes of uptime.


If you are charging a chromebook without a charger (the original adapter), it can be a challenging task. The tips given in this article here should help you go through the process without facing any problems.

You should ideally ensure to keep your Chromebook charging port in the best condition. It is better, that before you use any alternative method to charge your chromebook you should do a little research in order to ensure that it is suitable for your device.

Some laptops can react very differently and also you can mix something and harm your device. The use of non-original battery charging for your Chromebook requires a bit of knowledge and you must double check that you have selected the right items.

You should be very careful while charging your Chromebook without a charger as failure to follow these requirements can result in a breakdown or even fire.

We can to an end of answering your question regarding how to charge a chromebook without a charger. If you have any further question or concern, please let me know in the comment box.

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  1. Luckly I keep my original charger in tip top shape. I never needed to use a replacement yet…so this information was so helpful for me. Knowing now what and what not to use to charge my chromebook.

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  2. Hussain this is helpful bro. I used a Chromebook for 4 years; 2016 to 2020. I have a nice laptop now but I will use the Chromebook from time to time, to switch things up. I’ve had some battery issues with it too; chargers seem to crap out on me.



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