Blogging Equipment: 32+ Experts Share Their Blogging Gears

A lot of people out there think to start blogging, dreaming to be their own boss. They are thinking to earn money over the internet via their blogs. But, the majority of them really don’t know that the laptop lifestyle doesn’t mean only to have a laptop and rock the web. There are a lot of things you need to have in mind before you start this career. It is just like any other business, it needs an investment. However, it depends on the niche you will go for, yet you need to be prepared to invest in your career to stand out of the crowd. Apart from the software you need to subscribe on, there will be some blogging equipment that you need to have.

These blogging gears make your life much easier and even if they are small and simple thing, they make a huge difference for you.

To get you a clearer picture about what do the experts use, I sent 32 blogging experts the question below:

What are the blogging equipment that you use?

Let’s jump now to our experts’ answers:

Andrew Holland from

Andrew HollandWhen it comes to blogging the first requirement is a good chair. There is no getting around this. You are going to be at the desk for a long time and as such you need a good chair to support your back. I use a gaming chair from Secret Lab.

The next thing is a good mouse, again I tend to use a gaming mouse and these are really cheap from Amazon. The reason I use these is because they are designed better for your hand and as such are easier to use over long hours writing.

Next is second monitor. I use a laptop because I work both at home and at my office. However a second monitor is really useful because it allows me to have information up on one screen while I write on another. And after these things I suggest you have a lot of books around you. My book case is only a few metres from my desk and this provides a great deal of inspiration and ideas.

The final tool I use is my headphones, nothing special here, these came with my phone. But I use Brain FM which is an audio app that plays cinematic and other types of music designed to increase productivity. And it really does work. Setting up your blogging environment correctly is key to getting results and increasing productivity.

Pranay Anumula from

Pranay AnumulaApart from the mandatory Laptop & mobile, I use Mi streaming Box & soundbar to watch movies, as I need to review them. As due to Pandemic, only OTT releases are possible, so this small set up to watch movies & share my opinion on them.

Also a external storage HDD, though I have subscriptions to majority of OTT platforms, unavailability of foreign movies & the worry of license expire is still an issue, so I download my favorite movies for repeat watch. This also helps in my time where the internet is off or FUP limit reached, as we can’t stream content everyday with limited FUP.

Whiteboard to list down the things to do on weekly basis along with annual goal, to keep myself moving & also serves as a reminder & stay focus towards our goals.

I write down my travel experience on my personal blog, so the travel equipment is kind of necessary that starts with Travel Bag, torch, sanitizer ( I was using this way before pandemic, as it’s a mandatory thing to use in Trekking, serves as a instant handwash ) & a small wallet to packdown important things like passport tickets etc.

Apart from these, minor things like small plant near my system setup, paper clips, printer etc.

Chibuzor Aguwa from

Chibuzor AguwaThe blogging equipment I use for my blogging and Vlogging activities are quite simple. They include; Laptop, Smartphones, External Microphone, Wireless Network Router, and a Pen and Notebook where I draft down important notes. With these few equipment, I am good to go.

Mihir Gadhvi from

Mihir GadhviThank you for inviting me. As you know we are into blogging as well as designing.we are currently are having 2 super powerful custom PC’s. For designing part and also have one Dell laptop for blogging.

We have camera for photoshoot for YouTube videos ie canon EOS R. We are using OnePlus and realme for apps reviews. Wireless mouse works really well.

Mostly important things are table and chairs which makes us comfortable. Beside this we also have a board on which we write work flow.

workspace - Blogging Equipment
3nions work space.

Sayem Ibn Kasem from

Sayem Ibn KashemAre you scared of reading this post title? Like you need a lot of equipment to start a blog? A lot of equipment means a lot of investment. It’s not like that actually.

Blogging is something that can earn you a huge within a little investment. All you need just an internet connection, a laptop/desktop and a domain and hosting. That’s all!

Well, this roundup post is about “what are the blogging equipment that I use”

When I started blogging for the first time, I used to use my Desktop. Then later I have bought a laptop of HP Elitebook to bring more flexibility in my work. I am using DELL mouse and DELL keyboard as the supporting tool.

As a mobile device I am using an iPhone 7 from where I can check my blog stats, replying comments and writing posts when I am not in touch with my pc.

I am still using my reading table and chair bought from a local market and I am comfortable with that. I didn’t think of the upgrade yet. As it’s still providing me its best value.

Himanshu Gupta from

Himanshu GuptaMy daily driver is a 13-inch Macbook Pro. I’ve been using it for almost 2 years. Most of the work gets done there. I love the simplicity and robustness of Mac as I don’t need to worry about things like crashes or freezing issues (which is more common on Windows).

Apart from this, I use a 27 inch LG Monitor (paired with Macbook) for design and research. It helps increase productivity of certain tasks, thanks to the the extra realestate. I also own a Blue Snowball for recording audio for my YT videos.

Venkat Randa from

Venkat RandaI am using Lenovo Lapatop for blogging. I am also producing videos on YouTube.

With combination of my mobile and boya mic to record the facecam videos.

I am also using combination of Blue Yeti mic and Logitech webcam to record the screen recording videos.

Ravi Dixit from

Ravi DixitHaving a good set of equipments help in improving productivity, for which I really care about. I always invest in enhancing the productivity of my working environment.

That’s why I recently set up a home office and gave a professional look. This is what I achieved:

Home Office Pic
Home Office Pic

This is done by adding some wallpaper on the wall, it will really help me in recording videos.

Apart from this, I love the gaming setup so tried to do the same by adding LED Strip lights behind my MI SmartTv and Desktop.
One special thing is the motivation frame that always reminds me to use my time effectively because time is NONREFUNDABLE and NONRENEWAL.

Overall the set up is amazing now, really enjoy working in this new environment where I can focus on productivity.
This was about my home office setup where I am working from. Let’s talk about the computer I am using to manage my blog and other things.

I am using i5 4th Generation along with the 8GB Ram and 1TB Hard Disk.

Here are some other blogging equipments that I have in my home office:

  • Desktop: Dell 19.5 inch LED Backlit Computer Monitor-HD
  • Keyword Board: Dell KB216 Wired Multimedia USB Keyboard
  • Mobile Device: Honor Play Mouse: Logitech B170 Wireless Mouse
  • External Mic: Maono AU-400 Lavalier (upgrading to Zoom H1 in few days)
  • Pen Drive: Strontium Ammo 32GB 2.0 USD Pendrive
  • Tripod: Tygot Adjustable Aluminium Alloy Tripod &amp
  • Headphones: Flipkart SmartBuy Rich Bass Wireless Bluetooth Headset
  • Chair: Flipkart Perfect Homes Howard Fabric Office Executive Chair

That it is…

These are the blogging equipments that I am using. I know that’s not enough, that’s why have some other things like upgrade mic, Macbook and some other equipments in my cart. Soon they are coming into my gang.

Ryan Biddulph from

Ryan BiddulphI keep things simple. Right now, my blogging gear consists of my Chromebook, HP laptop and simple phone. I keep physical blogging equipment to a minimum because the key equipment-tool is your mind.

I keep that sharp and uncluttered by maintaining a bare bones physical blogging environment.

I prefer my Chromebook but I do have internet connection issues in some spots due to antenna problems with it. Traveling with my laptop ensures I can access the internet with no issues; plus I can download more programs than my Chromebook, although I prefer my Google-themed equipment because it is fast, quick and easy for writing and publishing posts.

I use a simple phone to record and upload videos, to broadcast live and to do light engagement.

Each of my 3 simple pieces of blogging equipment helps me get the job done with no fuss or muss.

Ali Raza from

Ali RazaThanks Hussain for inviting me to discuss about my equipment.

I primarily use Macbook and iPhone XS for editing. iPhone XS and my Canon M50 are the one i used for shooting videos.

I also have few tripods and a gimbal for recording movies while on the go.

Santosh Gairola from

Santosh GairolaDear friends, professional blogging is real work; you need everything in your place. There are some types of equipment (physical equipment) that I need in the right place before I start Blogging.

1 – Earphones I have noise-canceling headphones from Philips. I plug it before; I start writing for my new post. It helps me to stay calm and focused on my work. Generally, I use it to listen to the mantra’s, instrumental, and motivational musical beats.

2 – My Mobile The First Thing that I do when I start blogging is I turn off My network and Data. After that, while Blogging, I use to listen to the instrumental music which I have stored in my Mobile Playlist. Doing that gives me peace of mind, which increases my productivity.

3 – My Dell Laptop Without my personal friend (DELL Lappi), I cannot write on any other PC and Laptop. IT is not a machine for me; It is much more than that. Most importantly, while blogging, I never allow anyone to enter my room and touch my Dell Laptop.

4 – Charger and switchboard I keep my Dell laptop charger and switchboard near to the desk and the chair, where I love to write on my blog.

5 – Desk and Chair I love to keep my desk clean so that I can use the space while blogging. Sometimes, I like to keep some books nears my laptop so that I can read them whenever I need them. I also love to keep my coffee on the desk corner.

Janice Wald from

Janice WaldI have the following around me when I blog: My laptop, my phone, Pen and Paper containing my To-Do List, my cup of coffee, my water bottle, a snack, tissues, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, screen wipes, my reading glasses and wipes to clean them, a clock, chapstick, gum, flying insect killer, extra pens, and extra reading glasses.

I also dental floss sticks, and I have mints.I also have headphones for listening to YouTube videos as research.

Ahfaz Ahmed from

Ahfaz AhmedMy blogging equipment is very simple. Since I don’t make any videos or podcasts, I don’t use any cameras and microphones.

My gear consists of just one laptop that I use for all my work. Since I also do design work, I also have a sketchbook with me that I use for drawing.

Navin Rao from

Navin RaoBlogging is certainly awesome. But without right equipments, you can not push it further. Hence, using right equipments or tools are similarly necessary along with having the passion to succeed.

I do use some right set of premium digital tools. But, let me mentioned what physical blogging equipment i use to make my job easier.

1. I use a Custom made Desktop which is powered by Ryzen processor, 3rd series (3600), 16 GB RAM and 4GB Graphics and so on. I know thats a lot of power. I use it because of my Web Designing work and some others too.

2. A basic HP laptop HP 15s-du2004tu powered by i3 processor and just a 4GB Ram. This one helps me to to blog with ease anywhere i want.

3. Logitech MK260 Combo, keyboard and mouse.

Use the right hardware to make your blogging even easier.

Nikola Roza from

Nicola RozaI work from home full time and this is the equipment I use (I try to keep it simple)

1) Lenovo Yoga C930 2-in-1 Laptop. I love my laptop, got it last year on some promotion when I was looking to save money, but I was actually blown away how good it is. It’s a high-end model, fast, slick, huge storage capacity and can be flipped around completely to turn it into a tablet. I do 99% of my work on it and am more than satisfied.

2) Nexstand Laptop Stand. I have spine problems and Nextstand Laptop Stand helps a tonne in keeping my posture and avoiding back pain. I used to work without it, now I no longer can as it’s very helpful to me.

3) Rode NT-USB microphone. I admit I don’t use this at the moment, but in a few shorts months and definitely by the end of the year, I’ll start recording YouTube videos and I know this microphone will help me sound more professional.

Robin Khokhar from

Robin KhokharThe Physical body equipment that I use are Laptop, Mobile, and Camera. A laptop helps to do work easily but mobile helps to do work spontaneously.

Whereas I Use a camera for making videos and images for my blog. The plugins and tools like jetpack helps to dot work from Laptop as well as mobile with a simple app.

Gurunath Nakka from

Gurunath NakkaNormally I don’t use many physical gears or equipment for blogging purposes. All I use is online tools and software will are the ones that help me in day to day blog activities. If you are specifically asking for physical gears/equipment, then I use a Apple’s MacBook Pro laptop.

I don’t use either Keyboard or mouse while working on MacBook Pro. I use other MacBook accessories like Apple Charger, DELL DA300 USB-C Mobile Adapter (Black), Kingston DT50 USB 3.0 Flash drive (64 GB) for any data transfers from mobile to Laptop.

Apart from the above I use a revolving chair, an adjustable and movable table, Samsung A51 Mobile phone (8 GB RAM/128 GB storage Version), an 100 MBPS Wi-Fi internet connection through Jio Wireless Router. I make use of all Google and other apps/tools online to save and edit my work to avoid physical equipment as much as possible.

Lesly Federici from

Lesly FedericiHere’s the equipment I use. Nothing exciting ?
Desktop, tablet, cell phone, webcam, magnifier to enlarge text, voice to text (Microsoft tools). I am vision impaired.

Jenna Ronan from

Jenna RononMy Favorite blogging Equipment – Laptop:

I use Apple Mac Book Pro for more than 2 years. It’s relatively lightweight, and hence, I love using it. I do handle all my blogging or its related tasks using it. Basically, it’s my best companion. I’d be lost without it.


Obviously, I don’t need an iPhone for blogging. Still, I find it comfy using it syncing with my Mac Book Pro to access some cross-platform tools.


Since I blog about SEO, blogging & online marketing mostly, I don’t require a Camera. Meanwhile, while working on my other niche blog, I damn need it. I use Canon EOS 7D.

WD Passport Hard Disk:

Not only for blogging but also for all my data backup, I’m using WD My Passport Hard Drive along with its WP backup software for auto-backup options.

Furniture & Other Accessories

• Speakers/Earphones: I love music. So, I’d always be with those.

• When it comes to furniture, it’s very simple – a wooden desk with a rolling chair. That’s it!

• Laptop mount for comfortable using

• MI portable Power Bank

• And more.

Sathish Sundar from

Sathish SundarBlogging and SEO tasks should never be interrupted due to the environment we choose. Picking the right physical equipment always helps us improve productivity. I use Macbook Air for carrying out all my tasks related to marketing. It keeps me synced with all connected devices as well.

A noiseless mouse gifted by my childhood friend is still a great physical product that I use these days. It helps me avoid disturbing my neighbors with the hard mouse click during night hours. A solid mouse pad, noiseless mouse, Macbook Air and a pTron bassbud Bluetooth headset keeps me focused on improving productivity.

Your work area should never be filled with fancy things, showoff posters and more. Keeping your workplace and desk clean with the necessary products work for sure.

I always keep a closed dustbin near my workspace to clear the wastes frequently ensuring tidy space. It helps me feel the vibrant environment whenever I work.

Also, my Samsung M31 acts as a best companion when it comes to hearing binaural beats during hard times.

I wish you could stay focused on what you are about to accomplish the tasks rather than dreaming for a hi-fi workspace setup.

Umesh Singh from

Umesh Kumar SinghI use Acer Aspire laptop for content writing and blogging. However, it’s not a lightweight laptop but I love the feature it has especially the battery backup. One can easily work for up to 6+ hours in one charge.

I am not a techy person, but I love MI phones, they have got some serious features in the budget. I have one MI phone that I use to read content, check emails, assign work to my team.

Saima Masood from

Saima MasoudThe blogging gears I use, huh? Well…SUPRISE, SUPRISE! I use NONE (except for my laptop, and smartphone, of course). Call me old fashioned, boring or ‘Non-Tech-Savvy’.

I absolutely have no desire to upgrade myself with any gear, anytime soon. Because being a writer, I feel gears don’t play a major role in the kind of work I do? (Of course for some bloggers they do). For me the motivation to get to work each day and make a difference to someone’s life matters the most.

Without motivation, even gears are of no use. But, of course, if your profession requires you to upgrade with latest technology and gears, then you must make the investment.

But having said that, whatever gear you use, it has to function well, it must be of topnotch quality to produce impeccable results, and must align with your professional needs.

If you are a Vlogger, then definitely, you need a good DSLR camera, proper lightening and a studio. Again, it all boils down to one’s individual needs. For me, give me a laptop, a hot streaming cup of coffee and I’ll write away all day!

Manidipa Bhaumik from

Manidipa BhaumikI started my blogging journey with a desktop and an internet connection. For many years, I didn’t need anything else other than a notepad & pen. Gradually, my system got upgraded to HP 250TU and then Lenovo Ideapad.

As my type of work extended, I have adopted some other equipment like a pair of boAt earphones, Boya BYM1 microphone, and a mobile tripod.

Moving ahead, I have plans to purchase a couple of more gears like a DSLR camera and some good LED lights. These gears are not mandatory to continue everyday blogging. However, they can ease your work and help you stay one step ahead!

Santanu Debnath from

Santanu DebnathWhile blogging, I don’t use any equipment other than my Windows 10 laptop. Regarding the physical products, I have a couple of YouTube channels for which I use a few gears like a Boya By-MM1 Mic & By-M1 Mic, an LED Ring Light, and a couple of Tripods.

I record all my videos using my Smartphone which has a good quality camera in it. So far, that’s all with which I run my everyday blogging / YouTube related work. In the coming days, I am planning to buy a few more gears like a DSLR camera and a desktop with high configuration.

Jyoti Chauhan from

Jyoti ChauhanThe best part about blogging is it’s one of the least investment requiring careers out there.

All you need is a laptop and an internet connection.

In very desperate times, even just a smartphone will do.

However, being a blogger or a digital marketer means I spend majority of my day on a computer.

A couple years ago I realized the importance of “not sitting” for prolonged hours at a stretch.

And hence, I got myself a portable laptop table.

This enables me to work from the comfort of my bed and couch.

I recently also got a decent chair just to help keep my posture right.

Beyond that, blogging doesn’t really demand many physical equipment.

Sazia Kazia from

Sazia KaziaI am in the blogging field for 5 years as a part-time blogger and gained a lot of knowledge during this period. The equipments which I use for blogging are as follows.

I am using HP 20 all in one Intel Pentium 21.5 inch desktop and that is inbuilt CPU with a decent monitor, reasonable RAM, and a good keyboard. I bought it over 5 years ago and it is working fine without any complaints. This is enough for all website needs with fast internet but the only disadvantage is we can’t carry this with us while traveling.

People also use for a Vlogging camera, microphone, lighting, tripod, editing software, blue tooth remote, gimbal, backpack, external hard drive, lens ball, etc and I recommend Sony or Canon brand for best results.

I am using headset Jabra BIZ 2300 USB UC which is best for recording and contacting online or for online training etc.

Without my MI smart pro mobile, I wouldn’t be able to maintain the blogging related tasks easily. I use it for different variety of tasks and for managing social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram Indiblogger Reddit, Pinterest, and for sharing and connecting with people Etc. While I travel I use my mobile for monitoring traffic through Google analytics, editing posts, and for the different blogging-related tasks.

Erika R. Mohssen-Beyk from

Erika Mohssen-Beyk

Thinking of what equipment I have for blogging, I wondered, it is more than I thought.

I have a laptop, a MacbookAir, which is convenient for travel. Because I had trouble with the battery and needed to replace it, I realized that I need a second laptop.

I bought one but exchanged it with my Granddaughters Ipad with a Bluetooth keyboard. She required the Laptop for the College.

Recently I bought an external hard drive because I have too may USB with all my images and videos. Now I can store them in one place, and it is more convenient while traveling.

As I am a few months of the year, usually in India, I have for my time there a neat little device for the internet. It is called Jio. It works everywhere when I travel there. The internet price is low in India.  I can have near two years’ internet there for the same price I pay here in a month.

Besides this, I have for travel,  different power plugs, and recharger cables.

I always keep two of them, just in case. Very convenient is my LG mobile phone for posting on the way while traveling.  That’s all I need.

Atish Ranjan from

Atish RanjanIf it comes to blogging equipment, I am a minimalistic.

Physical Equipment:

1. MacBook Air Laptop. – I use it for general browsing, writing, and all the blogging things.

2. Dell Inspiron Laptop. – This is what I use it now occassionally that I need to do on Windows laptop. Generally, while writing some how-to guides or creating videos some Windows based videos.

These two are well enough for the work I do.

Shubhanshi Aggarwal from

Shubhanshi AggarwalBlogging is my part time hobby. I do it on weekends and complete the research part while commuting from work to home. Following are the list of gadgets I use in order to get industry updates and be active on social media. Here is the list:

One Plus 6: A smartphone is must for every blogger if he/she wants to cope up with the industry updated and I use my One Plus 6 for this. It helps me to stay active on Social media, reading blogs, whitepapers and consuming video content. I would recommend everyone who is starting a blog part time like me to start using smartphone.

HP 240 G7 Notebook PC: Every blogger does not need a high-end gaming laptop but laptop’s speed matters. If you are looking to buy a new laptop consider its processor and RAM while s HP 240 G7 Notebook PC is perfect for smooth research and writing process.

Satya Patel from

Satya PatelSo, here I am listing some of my blogging gadgets I generally use while blogging-

1. First and very important My Macbook Air 2020 edition(Upgraded from Macbook Air 2017 model)- for managing my blogs and other blogging tools like keyword research tool, thumbnail creator tool(canva) etc

2. Phone- Oppo reno 2z & Samsung Galaxy S8+ for on the go stats check of my blogs like site traffic, comment in my sites, Adsense earning and taking some pictures for the blog.

3. Ipad 9’7 (6th gen) + Apple Pencil- for creating my own infographics as the combination of both will help me to draw and design anything very easily.

Ritesh SainiRitesh Saini from

I have two MacBooks (MacBook Air Early 2015 and MacBook Pro 16” 2019). Also I have a custom built PC (i7 Skylake, 16GB RAM, GTX 1060 3GB, 250GB SSD, 1TB HDD) for video editing. I use Wright Sense condenser Mic for recording audio. I have three 1TB external HDDs for storing work data. I also use Apple Watch Series 3 that helps me keep up with my reminders and daily tasks.

Minuca Elena from

Minuca ElenaIn my everyday work, I use my laptop from Asus. I use it to write my articles, communicate with my clients over emails, edit in WordPress, and other platforms. This is the most important blogging gear I have.

I use a wireless mouse, also from Asus. It’s easier for me and I am used to it because at my previous laptop the touchpad wasn’t so good so I had to use a mouse. At my current laptop, the touchpad works fine but I just do my tasks faster if I use a mouse.

I also use a foldable lap desk. I stay in bed or on the couch while I work and the lap desk is basically a small table or a tray designed specifically to hold the laptop. Before I bought it I used to keep my laptop on my lap and it would heat up on my legs which weren’t a good thing either for me or for my laptop.

Another accessory that I use is a USB hub. My laptop has only one USB spot and if I use it for my mouse, I can’t connect anything else so the USB hub comes in handy.

There is one more gadget that I use for my work and that’s my phone. I use it to stay in contact with my clients over email and social media, do research when I am not home, and to promote my expert roundups.

Bottom Line:

We came to an end of this roundup post, we saw how different are the preferences of each blogger, and the needs as well. It boils down to the fact that blogging equipment should not be something more that what could just do the job. Now, it is your turn to tell how your set of blogging gears look like.


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