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Unlike the past, nowadays you do not absolutely need an expensive Windows or MacOS computer. These days you can easily edit videos on a Chromebook for which the credit goes to the many apps that are available. This process has its limitations but you would be really surprised to see the varied options it offers. So we can say that Chromebooks are much more than web browsers as they can perform the same tasks as macOS and Windows including video editing. Thanks to some powerful Android apps and web-based tools due to them, you can create your own videos, complete with transition, music, trimming and more. In this post we will talk about some of the best video editing apps for Chromebook.

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Best Video Editing Apps For Chromebook 2020

PowerDirector Android app

PowerDirectorPowerDirector is a fabulous desktop video editing app and with its mobile version you can edit video on a chromebook with perfection.  The user interface of the mobile version is very similar to the desktop version of PowerDirector so it is quite familiar to you. This video editing app has all the required features  of a great video editing app as it can add effects, adjust the overlay, trim clips, rotate, fix exposure, add music, enhance colors, stabilize shaky video and export in 4K quality. This is a free app but if you want to unlock certain improvements then you need to get in-app purchases.

KineMaster Android  Video Editing App

KineMaster - Best video editing apps for ChromebookKineMaster is also one of the best video editing app for chromebooks. This video editing app has a simple layout but it comes with plenty of features to edit videos on a Chrome OS device. The capabilities of this video editor include color adjustments, trimming, cropping, multi-layer timeline, 4K support and speed control. Moreover, this app has access to an asset store for acquiring clips, music, transitions and more. You can use this app for free but if you subscribe you can unlock more advanced features.  The free version of this app watermarks your exported videos.

We Video Web App

WeVideo - Best video editing apps for ChromebookWe Video web app is a cloud-based web app by which you can edit videos on a Chromebook.  This app offers a similar experience as a desktop video editor and surpasses some of the best Android apps in terms of performance.

The service of this video editing app supports multiple video and audio tracks which gives you ample space to go all out with multiple clips. This app includes some of the features such as transitions, titles, rotation, animations, cropping, effects and 4k exporting.

With this video editing app you can sync with cloud storage services too as We Video offers its own cloud storage solution. However, it is important to mention that the storage space depends on the chosen plan. This versatile video editing app for Chromebook comes with access to video, images and audio. The free version of We Video will provide a watermarked video and the services offered are also very limited but a paid subscription can replace desktop video editing software for many users.

YouTube Studio Video Editor

Youtube StudioThis video editing app is the best option for you if you are uploading your videos on YouTube and do not require many tools to edit. This is also one of the simplest YouTube Studio editors available in the market. With this editing app you can trim clips, blur faces/logo and add end-screen elements.  If you are tight on budget and also looking for a simple video editor for chromebooks then this one is the best and worth checking.

Magisto – Best Video Editing App for Chromebook

MagistoNo matter how well you know the editing of videos but it just consumes lot of time. Due to this, this video editing app has become one of the best video editing software for Chromebook. Magisto offers a variety of templates by which you can make all kinds of videos. You can choose one and then put all your videos, audio files and photos at Magisto and it will work wonders for you to create a great video.  This video editing app gives you access to a library of stock clips and royalty-free music due to which you can add a nicer touch to your videos.

Google Photos

Google PhotosIf you just want to go for simple and one of the best video editing software for Chromebook, then Google Photos movie editor can meet your needs. This app offers cutting and video stabilization. In addition, you can also flip the saved version of the video between portrait and landscape. From 2019, Google Photos movie editing features are available on the web version of the app which does not require you to run the Android version if you are looking to edit your footage.


OpenShot - Best video editing apps for ChromebookOpenshot is one of the best video editing apps for chromebook and comes with a long feature list. With this video editing app you can scale, snap, trim, rotate and cut your videos. In addition, you can create transition masks and lumas, use watermarks and image overlays and add scrolling motion picture credits. This app is completely free to use.


VivaVideoThis video editing app for Chromebook was available in the Chrome Web store but it decided to limit itself to the Google Play store as Chromebooks started to support Android apps. The best part of this app that it can be used both for fun and profession.  You can add stickers, funny sound effects, GIFs and social media friendly gimmicks but simultaneously you can trim, enhance and edit your video using the wide range of tools from VivaVideo. In addition, this app also supports edits such as adding text, merging and splitting videos, transitions, reverse playback and changing the speed.

Hippo Video

Hippo VideoThis best video editing app for chromebook is amongst the few editors for Chromebook that still lists in the Chrome Web Store. This app is a two-in-one tool as you can use it for video editing and video marketing. There is a free as well as a paid version of this video editing app. With a free version of this app you can crop, trim, add text and tweak basic parameters. However, if you are looking for more power from this video editing app you need to get a paid version.


KapwingKapwing is a full-featured video editing app for chromebook.  You can access this app via any web browser including Google Chrome. You can use this tool to combine videos, add text, add audio, add subtitles, remove backgrounds, trim your video and resize your video. This video editing app also lets you either uploads a video to edit directly from the hard drive of your computer or paste the URL of an online video. From there you can edit it directly in the app. Moreover, you can even customize the ratio of your video’s output. The available ratios are 1:1, 16:9, 9:19, 4:5 and 5:4. If you want to create social media content then this app is best for you.

Clipchamp Create

ClipchampThis best video software for chromebook gives your workstation a native video editor to work on. With this video editing app you can upload videos, music files and photos to the web app. After this process you can drag them to the timeline to make a video. If you like to work on small videos and you have a small footage this video editing app can help you to create videos faster. The entire activity takes place on a server due to which it does not affect your Chromebook.


Movie Studio Extension This is one of the best video editing app for Chromebook. It is an extension to record videos, edit videos, make videos and modify them using other videos which you can import.  This app also allows adding images, audios and texts into your videos and movies. If you would like to add more elements to your video you can add images and audio to the project and even in-camera recording is also workable. In addition, you can load videos from your Google Drive account or you can simply paste a link of a online video. From there you can go to the trim and cut part and make the required changes.

Bottom Line

These best video editing apps for Chromebook target a diverse range of users.  If you are a beginner in video editing perhaps it is time that you picked up some skills related to video editing.  It could be fun to create videos with apps like Magisto but your creations will be more impressive if you try more professional apps mentioned above. Seeing the above video editing apps and their capabilities there is no doubt that it is possible to edit videos on ChromeOS.

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