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With the help of the best laptop cooling pads you are able to combat with those rising temperatures of your laptop. 

Laptop makers and engineers are constantly trying their best in terms of making machines thinner and more powerful. As far as power is concerned it has become a huge consideration for gaming, designing and other high-performance laptops. 

As a matter of fact, this brings obvious issues in the form of not just space constraints. But, also problems related to heat. Not to mention that space constraints and heat-related problems are interrelated.

As a result, it is becoming increasingly challenging to innovate with cooling systems or super-efficient heat-pipes to cool a CPU and GPU. But that is still “not enough” for some professional users.

This is why need of the best laptops cooling pads increased accordingly. With the help of a laptop cooling pad cooling can be an external process in which your laptop sits and gets enough cooling with upward-facing fans.

You can choose from a variety of cooling pads for your laptop. There are cooling pads for large laptops to provide portable solutions and there are also cooling pads that are wallet friendly.

Cooling Pads Make Your Laptop Last Longer

Laptop HeatThe cooling provided by the laptop cooling pad helps your laptop to battle against throttling. Moreover, it can also prolong the longevity of your laptop to a great extent. 

The CPU and GPU will also last longer if they are not made to run at high temperatures. So, if you are willing to spend a little money on some extra cooling, it might save you a lot of botheration from frequent heating-up of your laptop.

Provide More Convenience 

You may even choose from best laptop cooling pads that come with built-in speakers. Cool, isn’t it?

In addition, a good laptop cooling pad can also provide a suitable place to place your laptop on occasions when you are using it in your laptop. Preventing a warmer laptop from being hot against your legs. The mileage you get from any cooling pad will vary due to the cooling vents present on the bottom of your laptop.

Best Laptop Cooling Pads in 2020

Now it is the time to dive in our carefully selected products, the 13 top laptop cooling pads:

1- AFMAT Laptop Cooling Pad

AFMAT laptop cooling padThe AFMAT laptop cooling pad is one of the best laptop cooling pads available in the market. It comes with a double blower cooler pad with dust filter, colourful lights, and an adjustable mount stand that makes it an ideal cooling pad for 14-17 inch gaming laptop. In addition, it comes with third gear speed comprising of three kinds of wind speed adjustment. When this cooling pad is played in high-speed gear it brings good cooling effect and on the other hand the low-speed gear in office helps to save energy besides being environmentally friendly.

Not to mention this laptop cooler has seven-color lighting besides containing four light modes and these lights can be turned off. This laptop cooling pad comes with an adjustable bracket height by which the adjustments can be made in order to avoid any damage to the spine.

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  • The ergonomic design helps to protect the spine
  • Comes with a 12 month warranty and 60 days free return policy

  • Not suitable for laptops without heat dissipation holes.

2- KEYNICE Laptop Cooling Pad

KEYNICE Laptop Cooling PadThe KEYNICE laptop cooling pad is another laptop cooling pad which is worth mentioning. This laptop cooling pad attracts our attention with its ergonomic design, foldable double jackets and you can watch movies or play games at the most comfortable angle.  This laptop cooling pad provides support for 12-17 inch laptops. It also contains 5 wind speed adjustable and 3 fan combination modes by which you can turn it on/off or you may press the +/- to change the fan speed besides tapping the power button if you want to exchange the fan working mode.

This cool laptop cooling pad has dual USB 2.0 ports design for notebooks, USB fans, small speakers and you can also connect it to the keyboard, mouse and other data devices. It has 6 cooling fans and red LED lights that help in the circulation of excessive heat dissipation from your laptop. This laptop cooling pad comes with high quality metal mesh and ABS material and is also impact resistant and impact resistant.

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  • Made with high-quality material.
  • The ergonomic design gives you the optimal typing angle.

  • Temperature is only in Celsius.

3- TOPMATE Laptop Cooling Pad

TopMate 12-15.6 inch Gaming Laptop CoolerThe TOPMATE laptop cooling pad comprises of 5 fans out of which the four are outer fans and there is one large center super string wind fan that provides ultimate cooling effect for your laptop. This laptop cooling pad has an adjustable tilting and a unique design along with 5 heights adjustment by which you can raise your typing and viewing experience, eventually helping you to get rid of the pain in your neck and back. Moreover, it has a hinged flap which you can flip up and prevent the laptop from sliding down. 

It also has a button control panel and a small LCD screen by which you can view the information about various wind speeds and switch different modes respectively. This feature provides you with 6 winds speeds and 3 fan operation modes. There is blue LEDS that lights up while working which gives a nice look in dark conditions.

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  • Compatible with laptop, play station and router. 

  • Mesh metal make gives durability and lightness.

  • Lights are not adjustable.
  • You can hear fans at night

4- Wsky Laptop Cooler

Wsky Laptop CoolerThe Wsky laptop cooler is another laptop cooling pad in the market that comes with some great features.  The best feature of this laptop cooling pad is that in spite of being quite it gives you super cooling.  There are 5 quite fans which creates a noise-free environment for you.

This laptop cooling pad has a great design and adjustable tilting with 7 level adjustable settings for the height which enables you to play games and watch movies at the most comfortable angle. In addition, there is a dual-USB hub which allows you to connect more USB devices such as keyboard and mouse.

This laptop cooling pad has an amazing light effect as the laptop cooling fan has few LEDs that lights it up while working and there are two LED switches that controls the 5 fans. This gives a descent look in dark conditions. As an icing on the cake this laptop cooling pad comes with a 12- month manufacturer warranty.

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  • Provides super cooling is perfect for gaming.
  • Ergonomic design gives support for spine.

  • Only meant for smaller laptops.

5- Targus Cooling Pad

Targus Portable Lightweight Chill Mat LapThe Targus cooling pad comes with fans that are powered with a standard USB connection that can be easily connected to your computer or laptop using a small USB cable.  It also includes a USB hub which helps in sharing the USB connectivity used to provide power to the built-in fans. There are dual fans that keep your laptop cool. There is also a built-in 4-port hub that allows you to connect to peripherals.

In addition, there is also an adjustable 4-levels height which lets you use it as a stand for your laptop with external keyboard and the ledge at the bottom keeps the laptop in place. There are Velcro straps that help to keep the peripherals neat and tidy. This laptop cooling pad is tough and sturdy as it is made up of durable construction.

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  • No batteries required.
  • Can be comfortably placed on lap

  • Comes at a much higher price.
  • Rubber feet fall off once in a while.

6- Pccooler Laptop Cooling Pad

Pccooler Laptop Cooling PadThe Pccooler laptop cooling pad comes with a stainless steel honeycomb mesh design that provides excellent airflow and better heat dissipation. This laptop cooling pad take away heat quickly and provide super airflow with the help of 4 ultra-quiet 85 mm fans and 1 powerful silent 110 mm. Moreover, there are 10 blue colour LED lights that provide better gaming experience for your laptop. 

It also contains dual USB interface and the adjustment of the fan speed helps in the quick cooling of the computer. This laptop cooling pad is ergonomically designed with a 5 mm metal support and the structure is safe and stable. In addition, there are 6 high and low angle adjustable settings for different kind of work and game environments.

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  • It is suitable for most laptops
  • Gives better gaming experience for your laptop.

  • Fan size is not large enough.
  • It can get a little loud during operation.

7- Lamicall Laptop Cooling Pad

Lamicall Laptop CoolerThe Lamicall laptop cooling pad comes with the mesh design and the 5 fans spinning at adjustable speed ranging between 1800-200 RPM. This greatly helps in the dissipation of heat from your laptop besides prolonging the life of your laptop. This laptop cooling pad contains dual USB ports which makes the laptop cooler.

One USB port is used to connect the power button while the other is used to connect extra USB devices like keyboard, flash drives etc. This cooling pad for your laptop has adjustable height as the two foldable feet on the bottom acts as a prop to turn this device into a perfect laptop riser.

Not to mention this is not just a laptop cooling pad but also a perfect stand for your laptop. This device is slim and light in weight due to which you can store it in your laptop bag. There is also a blue LED indicator at the rear which tells you that the cooler is active. The best part of purchasing this laptop cooling pad is that it comes with a 12-month money back guarantee or replacement.

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  • Enables an ultra-quiet environment.
  • Super slim and portable

  • Doesn’t fit 2019 MacBook pro.

8- KLIM Wind Laptop Cooling Pad

KLIM Wind Laptop Cooling PadThe KLIM Wind laptop cooling pad is one of the best laptop cooling pads in the USA and it supports 11 to 19 inches laptops. This laptop cooling pad is an investment for you as there is no component overheating which enhances the life expectancy of your PC and also boosts its performance. As a bonus you get a free copy of the eBook which contains 7 tips to keep your PC alive and optimize its performance.

This device covers a good number of sizes and is also compatible with 17 and 19 inches. This device is best in its category as it comes with 4 fans spinning up to 1400 RPM. This fantastic laptop cooling pad is a high capacity ventilated support as it has the ability to cool your PC in less than a minute.

The presence of four fans helps in the cooling of all the areas of your computer. It comes with a thought-out design that is built to last. As far as the design and the quality of materials used the KLIM Wind is a level above than the ventilated support available in the market. Its multifunctionality is also very promising as it has 2 USB ports which gives you one free port. Due to this feature it can cool your laptop regardless of its intensity or age.

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  • Very quite at 26db
  • The four large fans provide fantastic airflow.

  • Two levels height adjustments limit its ergonomicity.
  • Height adjustment is supported by pegs.

9- i-Star Laptop Cooling Pad

i-Star Laptop Cooling PadThe i-Star laptop cooling pad is known for its super cooling performance. It has 6-speed level adjustable strong wind which helps to keep your laptop in the best possible condition. There are 5 ultra-quiet high powered fans which keeps your laptop cool regardless of the playing time and preventing your laptop from excessive heating.

You get more flexibility with the i-Star laptop cooling pad due to the presence of easy to read LCD screen with pre-set fan speed settings. This cooling pad for your laptop is suitable for laptops up to 15.6 inches. The metal mesh surface of this item enhances the cooling performance. This laptop cooler is very user-friendly and can be used simply by plugging into the USB port of your laptop or any external source of power. This cooler for your laptop comes with a free 12-month warranty and an easy return policy due to which you can buy this product with confidence.

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  • It has a compact design
  • It comes with adjustable height settings

  • At times the USB ports are junk

10- LIANGSTAR Laptop Cooling Pad

LiANGSTAR Laptop Cooling PadThe LIANGSTAR laptop cooling pad comes with 6 super cooling and quiet fans with blue LED. It gives you very quiet rapid cooling effect that prevents your laptop from overheating under different situations. With his laptop cooler you can adjust fan speed and cooling pad height. The 6 fans can work together or 3 big fans and 3 small fans can run separately. This cooler for your laptop has a unique USB port design that allows you to connect other USBs with the help of nylon braided cable making it more durable and cool.

It comes with an ergonomic design and non-slip baffle. There are two non-slip baffle which helps to prevent your laptop following down on slopes. It also contains an enlarged and anti-skid pad at the bottom that helps to stabilize the laptop. This laptop cooler is suitable for all 12 inches – 17.3 inches notebook such as MacBook Pro, Dell, ThinkPad, HP and ASUS.

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  • Meshed metal surface allows heat to flow away.
  • Compatible with all kinds of notebook under 17 inches

  • Not the best for gaming laptops.

11- KEROLFFU Gaming Laptop Cooler (5 Fans)

KEROLFFU Gaming Laptop CoolerThe KEROLFFU gaming laptop cooler helps you save overheating with its ventilated adjustable laptop desk stand with a cooler fan pad for couch or bed. It contains dual big fans that are ideal for office laptops. In addition, there is assurance of 5 years spinning lifetime due to the cooper-coiled winding motor. It contains a sleepy quiet fan where the noise rate is not more than 26 DB.

This gaming laptop cooler comes with a foldable stand 5-heights. It gives you a better typing angle to relieve shoulder and wrist aching. It comes with a metal surface with extra USB. There is also an excellent iron-cover which prevents your laptop to get any scratches.

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  • Big copper winding for 3 year lifetime spinning.
  • Foldable solid stand 5 heights

  • Blue lights are not suitable to turn off

12- Game Lab Cooling Pad

Game Lab Vortex E-Sport LED Cooling PadThe Game Lab cooling pad comes with four large 1200 mm fans which provide fantastic flow of air at whisper quiet levels. Moreover the updated design of this laptop cooler enhances the cooling performance by up to 20%. This cooling pad for your laptop is highly compatible as it can cool all regular gaming laptops up to 17.3 inches such as HP, Asus, Dell, Acer and MacBook Pro Air.

There is an adjustable height setting to play games or watch movies at the most suitable angle for all-day viewing. You can also hide the cooling pad stands if you do not want to use it. This laptop cooling pad is ultra slim with barely over an inch of thickness and light in weight which also make it high durable. There are also two built-in USB ports by which you can connect another device.

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  • Compatible with all regular gaming laptops.
  • The slim make gives durability.

  • No slide guard in the front.

13- KEROLFFU Cooling Pad

KEROLFFU 2 Fans Laptop Cooling PadThe KEROLFFU cooling pad helps you to save overheating for your laptop with its ventilated adjustable laptop computer holder desk stand. This laptop cooling pad is designed to fit up to 15.6”. The presence of flip-up little stopper helps your laptop to stay securely in place. In addition, this cooling pad has 1400+ RMP motor fans. They are ideal for office laptops of 12 -16″. You can actually feel the air to go through laptop to the top. The presence of copper-coil winding motor ensures up to 5 years spinning lifetime.

It contains a sleepy quiet fan where the noise rate is no more than 26 DB. So, this cool pad ensures a noise-free environment. There is also an extra USB/ Foldable stand heights.  To let you connect another USB device with your laptop cooling pad. This cooling pad for your laptop has a sleek design that’s thin and lightweight which gives you unmatched portability.

Moreover, this cooling pad is USB-powered. So, you needn’t to carry extra cords or a bulky pack of battery. There is a foldable metal stand to provide you a better angle for typing. Now you need not worry about any more scratches on your laptop. The presence of meshed metal surface on this cooling pad is doing great protection.

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  • Meshed material gives highly durability and sturdiness.
  • Stand 5 heights make it easy to carry around.

  • The two fans are not ideal for powerful laptops.


What to Consider When Buying the Best Laptop Cooling Pad

Laptop cooling pads are always there to reduce problems of overheating. These cooling pads keep your laptop working at optimal temperature giving you the performance as per your expectation. The trend for laptop design has always focused toward thinner leaving less space as far as ventilation is concerned. This makes a whining fan during intensive work such as gaming or photo editing especially when there is also summer heat.

There are different brands that come with various cooling pads design to serve a specific purpose.

It is better for the heavy loaders of laptops such as video editors, gamers and programmers to buy a cooling pad. Since there are different types of laptop cooling pads from different brands it becomes very difficult to choose the one that fits your requirement.

However, if you are looking to buy an ideal laptop cooling pad for your laptop there are certain things which you should consider.


The best part of laptop as compared to desktop is its portability due to which you can use a laptop in a position which makes you feel at ease.  Due to this your cooling pad should be just like that which allows you to work comfortably.  Your ideal laptop cooling pad should be ergonomic allowing you to have maximum comfort to use. In addition, the cooling pad should support the size of your laptop and it should also have different positions and angles to use.


A laptop cooling pad is used to lower the temperature of your laptop.  You can evaluate a good cooling pad according to its efficiency that is how effective and how fast it can lower the temperature of your laptop.  You should choose a cooling pad that has multiple fans and allows superior flow of air.  If you are looking to buy a laptop table with cooling fan you should go for one which have diameters sizes ranging from 90-110mm and have a speed of 1000 RPM.


Laptops are portable and light so a laptop cooling pad should also be lightweight and portable.  Portability is perhaps one of the most important factors that should be considered when buying a laptop cooling pad. If you travel with your laptop then portability is a major factor. There are some cooling pads that feature integrated cable management or allow you to strap your laptop for convenience in transportation.

Get one with a fan

Usually laptop cooling pads are metallic mesh-covered rectangles with built-in fans designed to throw cool air into your laptop.  The increased flow of air means your laptop stays cooler. Means it does not use its own internal fan the moment you decide to get some work done.  Cooling pads come in various designs; some have a single large fan while others come with multiple smaller fans. The amount of air pushed by these fans is measured in cubic feet per minute wit larger fans pushing more air as compared to smaller fans. Due to this a cooling pad with a high CFM is better in cooling your laptop as compared to cooling pads with multiple, smaller fans with lower CFM per fan.

On the other hand there are passive laptops cooling pads that do not have fans at all.  These types of cooling pads depend on leaving enough space around your laptop for air to flow more easily just like a laptop stand. To be honest, a passive cooling pad is useless and you should buy one with a fan.


In a laptop we have a limited number of USB ports so if we attach a cooling pad to the laptop we are short of one port. Due to this it is not considered o be extensible. The good news is that there are some cooling pads which give you the option to connect other USB devices to the pin. You may get many laptop cooling pads matching this criteria but usually they are a bit expensive than the ordinary ones.

There are some cooling pads that have optional adapters to give dedicated power. There are also cooling pads that provide pass-through support which gives you extra long protrusion from your port.  You should find a cooling pad that has an extra USB port as you do not have to worry about the tradeoff. In addition, you can always go high-end and select a cooling pad that just doubles as a dock. 

There are some cooling pads like the Cooler Master’s FS-17 which come with a micro USB port, four USB ports and an fan speed dial. There are some cooling pads that provide not only traditional USB-A ports but multiple high-speed USB ports along with micro USB ports. Eventually it is up to you whether you are okay to lose one port for cooling your laptop or not.

Make sure your cooling pad is versatile

Ideally you should go for a cooling pad that is designed for your environment. If you are someone that love to chill in bed your laptop vents can get obscured by your clothes and sheets so you should look for a dock that offers enough clearance for airflow. On the other hand, If you are someone that like to work on desk then you should find a cooling pad with an adjustable base.

Have a clear idea about the cooling capacity

The cooling capacity is measured through the power of the fan. The higher the power of the cooling pad the greater is its cooling.  You can determine the quality of the cooling pad through its power capacity which decreases the heat of the laptop.

Noisy or silent

The sound in the devices is known to cause discomfort so the less noisy it is the better it is for you. The good news for you is that the majority of the cooling pads are silent so you should go for the one that is consistent along with this feature.

Number of fans

One of the better known ways to judge the performance of the cooling pad is the number of fans, the more fans you have the more likely you are to keep your laptop with the required temperature. 

However, you will also get models with a single fan that come with excellent power capacity and give you the same performance. It is also important that you should also consider the points where the temperature of your laptop is at its peak so that you can get the cooling pad with the fans to cool them. If you have a big laptop it is recommended to buy a cooler with several fans so that they point in different directions and cover the dimensions.


Price is also an important factor while choosing a laptop cooling pad. There are many manufacturers which provide laptop cooling pads at affordable prices. You can select through different varieties according to your budget.

If you want to buy a simple laptop cooler you can buy one from a low budget but if you are looking to buy one with advanced features do not choose the cheapest instead have your clear needs to get that ideal deal for you. In order to get the best price you should be clear of the needs you have so that according to the brand, features and accessories that have the price may vary.

Bottom Line

It is the conclusion section here. If you are looking for the optimal performance of your laptop, you should look for a laptop cooling pad.

It is not all about beating overheating. You will help you laptop last longer, and find more convenience.

These laptop cooling pads are high in demand for gaming laptops. But, it does not mean that cooling pads are only gamers.

There are a lot of factors to look for; portability, adaptability, quality, noise, no of fans and price of course.

With laptop coolers, if all conditions are normal, then you can expect a temperature drop of about 10-15 degrees Celsius.

We had in mind to review here a range of the best laptop cooling pads. With a different range of prices to suite everyone’s needs and budget. So, before you select one, ensure that it suites your laptop.

The list we have is selected carefully. There are cooling pads that suits all the laptop sizes. They are products of the top brands of the laptop coolers.

With all that, we come to the end of this post for laptop cooling pads. Where you got valuable inputs if you are looking to buy a cooling pad for your laptop.

You always welcome to ask or share your comments in the box below 🙂

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