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Chromebook is supported by lots of apps listed under different categories. It is a fabulous operating system and can perform well just a way far more than browsing.  Whether you are a fresher or a professional artist, Chromebook has a good number of apps for drawing. With the right choice of your app, you can transform your Chromebook into a canvas and ultimately sketch your imagination.  If you own a Chromebook that supports styluses and touch screen, then drawing becomes more reliable and simpler. In this post we will discuss some of the best drawing apps for Chromebooks in detail. You can take a glimpse of them and choose the one that fits your needs.

Best Drawing Apps for Chromebooks

Sketchbook by Autodesk – The Best Drawing App for Chromebooks

Sketchbook- best drawing app for Chromebook

Sketchbook is a fabulous digital drawing application for Chromebook which is equally recommended for both beginners and pros. The good news is that due to the Android support this software is available on Chromebook. With various tools, layers and a large canvas this drawing app works well in a full screen mode. It also enables palm rejection and can be used as an active stylus.  This application can be easily installed on Chromebook.

Sumo Paint

Sump paint is primarily sold as an online image editor by its makers but this application is capable of a lot more.  This application can also be used as a painting tool without any adjustments.  This is a full-fledged painting tool and is capable to provide users with everything that they would need in order to utilize their creativity.

With this drawing app for Chromebook you can choose from more than 300 brushes to create your drawing.  If you are a professional you can go for more advanced options like gravity, auto orient and animated brushes.

This application is also able to detect the pressure of your drawing pen in order to make adjustments to your creation. The great feature of this app is that it works on layers so if you are someone who uses illustrator for drawing then you will feel comfortable. You can also do image manipulation with this app and use features such as clone, blur, smudge, line tools and gradient fill.



With Sketchpad you are sure to find another great  and one of the best drawing apps for Chromebooks.  Unlike its counterpart, Sumo Paint this application is specially made to fulfill your drawing needs. Sind this application is based on HTML 5 it can work both with vector and images. With this incredible drawing tool users will get spiral brushes, texture stamps, shapes to create drawings and paintbrushes.  As far as the variety of brushes is concerned you will find a huge collection of them in addition to various stamps and fonts. Moreover, if you want to use a clipart in your work you can choose from 5000 of them with this application.

In addition, to the above features you will also be able to import images and draw on them.  With Sketchpad you are not just limited to drawing and you can also add notes, paint new elements on the imported pictures and overlay text. This drawing application for Chromebook is free to use.

Infinite Painter

If you are a hardcore painter looking to draw sophisticated pieces of artwork then this is the best drawing application available in the market. This drawing application for Chromebook has so many tools in store that you would not feel like anything is missing. You can choose from more than 160 types of brushes so you are guaranteed to have fun using them. In addition there are other drawing features to impress you which includes liquify, gradient and pattern fill and transform.

The unique feature of Infinite Painter that sets it apart from other apps is its ability to support a bunch of different file formats like PNG, ZIP, JPG and PSD. With the PSD support you can work simultaneously on a project using both Photoshop and infinite Painter.


ArtFlow - drawing software for Chromebook

ArtFlow is also one of the best drawing applications for Chromebook and with this app you get more than 100 brushes and tools for gradient fill and smudge.  You can also create your brushes, apply different layer filters and select masks. One of the great features of this drawing app is that you can create canvases having up to 50 layers with a 6144×6144 resolution. This drawing application supports file formats such as PNG, JPG and PSD. Not to mention, this applications comes with many advanced features like layer clipping mask, pen pressure support and palm rejection. This app is available on Android and requires in-app purchases if you are looking for additional features.


This drawing application is one of the most popular drawing apps on Android, iPadOS and iOS. It is also available on Chromebook through the Play Store. This application provides a limitless canvas where you can make design plans, sketches and illustrations.  This application supports tilt and pressure modes which helps you to do high precision sketching of minute details.  With this drawing application for Chromebook you get to choose from a wide variety of drawing tools. You can also choose from different canvas types which lets you choose the background of your artwork.

Adobe Illustrator Draw/ Adobe Photoshop Sketch 

Adobe Illustrator Draw

This drawing application is powerful painting software on macOS and Windows and now it is available on Chromebook. This app is great for vector drawing where you can draw on a large canvas and choose from several options for brush, tools and layers.

If you are into bitmaps and raster drawings you should use Adobe Photoshop Sketch. As far as the latency is concerned this apps work well on Chromebook. With this drawing app you can customize the tool bar and have the brushes you need.  In the same manner, you can work with five different pen tips whose color, size and opacity can be adjusted.

 Gravit designer

This drawing app for Chromebook is a popular professional tool for drawing and painting.  This drawing application offers you various number of brush types along with features like creating paths with the pen, using knife tool to cut and snapping.

This application also has an edit section where you are able to customize each and every line you draw. In addition, you can also adjust the tool you use for changing things like angles, opacity, style, blur, shadowing, position adjustments and blending mode. If you want to get features like accessing the system fonts, unlimited cloud storage, import/export features and offline mode you need to get a pro mode of this drawing application.


This application is an open source app that is available on Windows, Mac and Linux. Now you can also get this app on the Google Ply store for Chromebooks. This application has all the pro features ranging from brushes to presets, channels, filters and layers. Since it is an open source project you can use it for free. As compared to other versions like Windows, Krita on Chromebook is still junky due to its not-so-clear user interface. The experience you will get made me list it with these best drawing apps for Chromebooks.


Flipaclip - Best drawing software for Chromebooks

This drawing app for Chromebook is not just a drawing app as it can be used to create a tool to develop animations.  It is something like having Flip Book but on tablets, Chromebooks and phones.  With this application you get all the basic drawing tools like brushes to draw and when you add a second page you can look back and see what you have drawn before. So, you can take this app as a reference to draw on the next page. You also get to access a few tools like shapes and scales that lets you draw perfect shapes every now and then.


Inkscape is a Linux drawing app that can be used to make vector drawings on Chromebook.  It is a full-fledged program for desktop due to which you get advanced tolls like anchor, smart navigate and flyout. This application is advanced and comes with controls that are required for creating complex arts, logos, and paintings. In addition, you have access to tools like layers, color profiles, text tool, Bezier and spiro curves. This application is heavy and you need to have a powerful Chromebook to run this application.


As we look deeper into the Chromebook world, we get to see more about what Chromebooks are capable of. The above post makes it crystal clear that you can indeed use your Chromebook for drawing purposes.

It is worth mentioning here that there are a huge number of other drawing tools for Chromebooks. But, the ones listed above are the best drawing apps for Chromebooks.

Since all Chromebooks have touch screen, these drawing apps works best on almost any Chromebook you carry. Almost all of the drawing apps listed here work for both beginners and professionals and you can get any of them to showcase your creativity.  So, if you think we missed out any drawing app for Chromebook you are free to tell us about it in the comment section.

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