Is Asus a Good Laptop Brand? | Asus Laptops on our Radar

Is Asus a Good Laptop Brand

Asus occupied a decent place this year, due to the innovations it brought to the table. The ScreenPad and ErgoLift hinge are two of the best features that bought popularity to this laptop. The design of Asus laptop continues to impress us and also the company offers a good range of products. This laptop company surprised everybody with its ZenBook Pro 15 which is the first laptop with a ScreenPad. In this post we will discuss about the features and specifications of the Asus laptop. I will also help you to get the answer for the question “Is Asus a good laptop brand”?

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ChromeBooks Pros and Cons – The Ultimate Guide

Chromebook pros and cons

Nowadays, most of the professionals aspire to work remotely as they consider it to be a luxury. As the trend of working on-the-go is popular these days the demand for ultra-portable and cost-effective laptops has also increased. It would not be an exaggeration if we say that Chromebook is the forefront of this trending movement. In this post, we will discuss about the Chromebooks pros and cons and explain in details about the features and benefits of this popular notebook.

It is worthwhile to mention that the number of Chromebook users have reached to about 25 million. Most of the major laptop manufacturers have come up with their own versions of these Chromebooks.

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Best Laptop Cooling Pads | Top 13 | Buyers Guide

With the help of the best laptop cooling pads you are able to combat with those rising temperatures of your laptop. 

Laptop makers and engineers are constantly trying their best in terms of making machines thinner and more powerful. As far as power is concerned it has become a huge consideration for gaming, designing and other high-performance laptops. 

As a matter of fact, this brings obvious issues in the form of not just space constraints. But, also problems related to heat. Not to mention that space constraints and heat-related problems are interrelated.

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